Marty Mayo [Vocals, Stunts, Guitar]

Marty Mayo, co-founder and namesake to the Martian legend, continues to leave audiences both entertained and highly amused with amazing gymnastic abilities and a variety of on stage looks that draw in even the coldest of party killers. Step right up and see the greatest show on two feet. A man with a guitar and a voice that has endured from the humble beginnings to the most recent event. In addition to his on stage presence, Marty has been an accomplished artist with a degree from Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. Check out his art outlet at Marty cites hot candle wax, LL Cool J's abs and iron-oxide tacos as his main influences.

Desiree Leonardi [Vocals]

Welcome Desiree! The newest member of the band!


Chet Majewski [Drums, Vocal ad libs]

Chet was born the spoiled child of wealthy salt miners from Poland. He has been the beat behind the Martians for too many years and counting. Other side projects that he has entertained include Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Wheeling Dealers and the Challenge Chaney Project. Although these projects never went anywhere worthwhile, Chet has somehow been able to maintain his dedication to a tight rythym section for the Martians. In addition, Chet was the original drummer for Green Day, Led Zeppelin and the Cars before being cut for better talent. Chet, once again, resides in New Jersey and continues to despise all Philadelphia sports teams....Always remember, drum lessons are available during live shows! You have to experience it to believe it. Chet cites the LM-1, CR-78, TR-808, Linn 9000 and DDD-1 as influences.

Mark Lyngholm [Bass]

Mark first picked up a bass when he was drunk…and still sounds like it. Known for once dating Tom's neighbor, Mark's influences include beer and songs in the key of E.

Mike Leonard [Guitar, vocals]

We are currently processing Mike's background check. The NSA has been a little slow in providing us with details. Please be patient.

Tom Torhan [Synth]

Tom was strong-armed out of gigging retirement by his old friend, Chet [seen above] to come out and sit in with the band on occasion — and on occasion soon became "every gig." Tom is no stranger to the stage—playing in clubs throughout NJ from around 1990–2003. You may remember [most likely not] some of these heavyweight NJ cover bands: Tin Pan Alley, Electrico, Twist of Fate and Katalyst. Tom is a little upset that he was never contacted regarding Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Wheeling Dealers and the Challenge Chaney Project projects. When not with the Martians, Tom composes/produces tracks for Premier Tracks, a leading production music library for TV, film and digital media. Recent credits include E! News Live (E! TV), It Takes A Killer (Oxygen), Shahs of Sunset (Bravo), Hack My Life (TruTV).